Tired Aching Feet? Maybe you need Orthotics

Your feet act as shock absorbers for your entire body. These small bundles of bones, ligaments and muscle carry your full body weight, so problems with your feet can cause problems in your legs, pelvis and lower back.

Walking loads an estimated one and a half times your body weight on your feet and running adds up to 5 times your body weight. An imbalanced stance combined with that amount of pressure can lead to a lot of problems affecting foot movement.

Orthotics are inserts that are placed inside your shoes. Orthotics have a variety of benefits, from relieving foot pain to supporting your feet in such a way that your knees, hips and spine are better aligned, providing relief for a range of problems not limited to the feet.

There are a number of conditions that lead to increased stress on your feet and the sorts of problems that require orthotics.

People with arthritis, diabetes or other conditions that affect circulation are at increased risk for injury and will usually need the extra support that orthotics provide. If you are overweight or obese your feet will be under a lot of pressure leading to fallen arches (flattened feet) and a tendency for the feet to roll inwards.

In the general population, if you suffer from achilles tendonitis, arch pain or from that burning sensation in the balls of your feet – as often experienced by wearers of high-heeled shoes – orthotics can provide the support you need to relieve pain.

Unlike the insoles and gel-based cushioning pads you might find at your local chemist, orthotics are professionally designed to support your feet. Instead of merely cushioning the painful area, orthotics re-align your feet and correct your walking pattern, providing pain relief through proper support and a corrected stance.

At Marie Whitfield Podiatry we have been designing and prescribing orthotics for over 30 years and are fully experienced in both soft and hard orthotics. We use various types of materials from rubbers, EVA’s, thermoplastics, carbon fibre and even the latest technology plastic 3d printed orthotics.

If you are experiencing foot pain and would like more information on whether orthotics are right for you, call 0407 028 669 and have a chat with Marie Whitfield, your local Podiatrist.