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Footcare for active families


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Foot Facts

The average person will walk around 128,000 kms in a lifetime. That's more than three times around the world. Is it any wonder more than 60% of Australians will experience foot pain in the course of their life?

See your local Podiatrist in Moorooka or Graceville for attention to childhhood foot disorders

Family Podiatry in Graceville and Moorooka

Marie Whitfield Podiatry is a family owned and operated business providing Podiatry services from clinics at both Graceville and Moorooka. We are dedicated to giving you and your family the most professional and caring Podiatric care.

We will ensure that you always receive expert personalised service from us. You will see Principal Podiatrist Marie Whitfield on every visit as she is the sole practitioner in the clinics. Marie has over 30 years Podiatry experience, so you couldn't be in better hands. If you have a foot problem, it's highly likely Marie has successfully treated it before.

Call us now on 3847 4809. No matter how simple or complex your needs, Marie's aim is to assess, treat and guide you to better health using the most current evidence based treatment.

How we can help you:

Marie Whitfield is an Accredited Podiatrist in GracevilleA few words from Marie:

"Keeping active is, in my opinion, the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your family. One only has to look at the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and obesity in our society, to realize that keeping fit and active is vital to our quality of life. With this in mind it is important that your feet, the platform of your entire body, are pain free and functioning at their best. My aim as your podiatrist is to help you back to full activity in a cost effective and timely manner." Marie Whitfield




How Podiatry Can Help

Orthotics and InsolesOrthotics and Insoles:

Orthotics are shoe inserts designed to support, align, or improve the function of the foot. They are used to treat a number of conditions that affect the lower limb. Depending on your particular foot problem orthotics can be cushioning, pressure relief, or functional. They can be made of soft or hard materials, full length or three quarter length, again depending on your particular foot problem. Podiatrist Marie Whitfield will assess, diagnose and then design and dispense a pair of orthotics for your particular problem and have you back on your feet and pain free as soon as possible.

Gait analysis can be performed at our Podiatry clinic in Graceville or Moorooka, BrisbaneGait analysis:

Understanding how you walk and run is essential to the diagnosis of your foot pathology. Assessing how your lower limbs are functioning in motion can give us invaluable information as to where the problem lies.


Contrary to popular belief, children are not little adults. For this reason they need to be assessed and monitored differently. At both our clinics at Moorooka and Graceville, Marie Whitfield Podiatry treats children from as young as three weeks old right through to adulthood.

Sports injuries can be treated by your local PodiatristSports injuries:

We understand that when you are injured you want to return to your activity in a timely fashion. Correct and prompt diagnosis and treatment will allow you to get back to the sport you love.

Diabetes and other chronic disorders:

Regular monitoring of diabetic patients to asses their vascular and neurological status should be performed yearly and in some cases six monthly. Other chronic disorders such as arthritis can find great relief of symptoms with general podiatry, orthotics and adequate footwear to accommodate for bony deformities. In all cases conferring with other specialists such as your doctor, endocrinologists, rheumatologists and physiotherapists ensures you continue to receive the best possible treatment outcomes.

General Podiatry:

Our feet are under constant stress; your Podiatrist can helpDue to the ever increasing demands we put on our feet we are seeing more and more conditions requiring general podiatry. These include corns, calluses, warts, ingrowing toenails, fungal toenails and various skin conditions. All of these can be treated at the time of your visit. Recurring ingrowing toenails are treated with keyhole nail surgery, involving very little pain and leaving you with a normal looking nail.

If you would like to contact us for advice we are always happy to help.

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After hours, Saturday and urgent appointments can be made by phoning Marie direct on 0407 028 669.
Referrals are not necessary unless you are receiving treatment through DVA or on an EPC Care Plan through Medicare (ask your GP for eligibility).


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