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Your Podiatrist can give you relief from heel painOne of the most common foot complaints that we see at Marie Whitfield Podiatry on a daily basis would have to be heel pain. Heel pain can be a very debilitating condition causing excruciating pain over many months if not assessed and treated promptly.


The key to achieving a good result with treatment of heel pain is accurate diagnosis. Causes of heel pain can include plantar fasciitis, medial nerve impingement and stress fracture of the heel bone just to name a few.


A thorough assessment to find out the cause of your heel pain is vital to good treatment outcomes.


Treatment will involve a combination of stretching, padding, orthotics, night splints, exercises, not going bare footed, and correct supportive footwear depending on your presenting symptoms and the cause of the problem.


If you have any questions regarding heel pain or any other foot issue please contact us.